You are the music while the music lasts. T. S. Eliot


If you want to know something, go elsewhere. If you want to un-know everything, then sit and listen.  Adyashanti

French Proverbs from 1611

[Chantez à l’asne il vous fera des pets:] [Prov.]

The ignorant blockhead scornes both Musicke, and the Muses; or, as wee say, Claw a churle by the breech, and he will beray your fist.

[Chantez à l’asne, il vous sera des pets:] [Prov.]

Sing you to an Asse, and he will fart vnto you; bestow any good thing on a churle, and if he do requite it, it shall be in one filthie manner or other.



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