A dead elephant cannot be covered by a lotus leaf. THAI.

brisbane 012

Extract from the Song Cycle of the Moon Bone

The Evening Star goes down across the camp, among the white gum trees …

Far away, in these places near Milingimbi

Goes down among the Ngurulwulu people, towards the camp and the gum trees,

At the place of the Crocodiles, and of the Evening Star, away towards Milingimbi …

The Evening Star is going down, the Lotus Flower is on its stalk …

Going down among all those western clans …

It brushes the heads of the uncircumcised people …

Sinking down in the sky, that Evening Star, the Lotus …

Shining down on the foreheads of all those Sandfly people …

It sinks there into the place of the white gum trees, at Milingimbi.

Sung by the Wonguri-Mandjigai people, translated by Ronald M. Bernd



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