When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. Friedrich Nietzche



Abyssus abyssum invocat in voce cataractarum tuarum; omnes gurgites tui et fluctus tui super me transierunt
Deep calls to deep in the voice of your waterfalls: all your whirlpools and waves have passed over me.


foto – gorge in the new england nsw 2005 from the mob

A good surfer will not get wet. (Hawaiian)


To be children of the Oceanic Morning:
Gentle riders of the silent Dawn
Tenderly reaching beyond all horizons.

Port Headland, West Oz.
24 October 1974
site 2 c = http://www.mountainman.com.au/surfi_05.htm
foto – robbie b at kingscliff 2004